Lachie Macdonald

Teacher Trainee & Computer Scientist.


This e-portfolio collates digital resources which have proven useful in facilitating effective and engaging teaching and learning, organising them according to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, and considering their ethical use.

The portfolio was custom built with Jekyll, and is hosted on GitHub Pages.

A note on referencing
Throughout this portfolio, the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership, 2011) are referenced extensively; henceforth standards and focus areas are referred to by number. References are collected at the bottom of their relevant page, and aggregated into the final reference list.

Table of Contents

Standard One

Retrieval Roulettes and AnkiApp

Standard Two

Desmos and Wootube

Standard Three

OneNote and Vivi

Standard Four


Standard Five


Standard Six

TEACH Journal

Standard Seven





Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership. (2011). Australian professional standards for teachers.