Lachie Macdonald

Teacher Trainee & Computer Scientist.

Standard 4

Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments

Team Picker Wheel

Team Picker Wheel is a web app designed to assign names from a list into random groups (Picker Wheel, 2024). There are various features which make this tool incredibly useful for a classroom teacher. Names can be imported directly, names can be excluded during randomisation, or distributed with regard for gender or other sub-groupings.

Team Picker Wheel demonstration
Team Picker Wheel demonstration

A tool such as this, which can be used in front of the class to achieve visibly random groups, makes a huge impact on the learning environment, fostering inclusivity and engagement (Liljedahl, 2016), and as such contributes to addressing the target areas of 4.1 and 4.2.

Interactive Example
Team Picker Wheel - Example Class

In terms of ethics, visibly random grouping lends itself to transparency. Unfortunately, many teachers are in the habit of assigning students to “random” groups that have been formed based on assumptions, prejudices, or pragmatic concerns. I suggest that this is ethically problematic; expedient lies, however trivial they seem, establish a precedent of exploiting positional authority for the sake of teacher convenience. Team Picker Wheel can be used to visibly demonstrate the randomness of groupings and lay a precedent of transparency and trust.


It is necessary to acknowledge focus area 4.5, which sits at the heart of this entire portfolio. While not referenced explicitly in each item, the focus area has informed the selection and appraisal of each tool, and forms the basis for the included ethical considerations.


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