Lachie Macdonald

Teacher Trainee & Computer Scientist.

Standard 7

Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community


The focus of this e-portfolio is the teaching and learning space, but effective teaching and learning depends on safe and organised systems, so CompliSpace deserves brief mention for its role in professional and administrative capacities. CompliSpace is a digital platform for managing the copious compliance and policy documents required in schools (Ideagen CompliSpace, 2024).

Policy and compliance home page demo
Policy and compliance home page demo

This platform centralises all of these documents in one indexed location, so that relevant and up to date information can be quickly and reliably found, making it easier for staff to know how to comply with organisational, legislative, and administrative requirements.


Additionally, several items in this portfolio are included as a result of my engagement with professional teaching networks and broader communities, such as TeamPicker and TEACH journal, both recommended by professional connections outside my immediate context.


Ideagen CompliSpace. (2024). Policy. CompliSpace.